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Message from the Principal

about 1 month ago

May/June 2018

Dear Green Acres Families

As we near the end of the school year, the calendar fills up with activities. We have state testing, kindergarten registration, an end of the year show, 5th grade Outdoor Science School, and field trips. Students in 2nd-5th grade are reading to meet their AR goals, and are hoping to make a school goal that will push Mrs. Gamban and me to dye our hair some outrageous color. (I’m not quite sure how I got tricked into that one again…!)

Thanks to a joint effort of Green Acres and Tierra Pacifica’s Home and School Clubs, this year’s Walkathon was a successful fundraiser. The funds earned from this event go towards improvements and maintenance of our outdoor play areas. This year we hope to install some soccer goals for students to use during recess and PE. Additional ideas include a gaga ball pit and a “buddy bench,” which would be a special spot for kids to connect if they are looking for someone to play with.

State testing: Our annual state testing has begun for 3rd-5th graders. Please help them by making sure they get a good night’s sleep and breakfast as always, and encourage them to approach the tests as an opportunity to show what they can do. Because some of these tests will adjust to the student’s level that they are showing, they will challenge all students. Encourage your child to persevere and do their best work, even when it may seem very hard. When you receive your child’s test scores later, they will be compared with the results from last year if they are in 4th or 5th grade. For 3rd graders, it will serve as a baseline to compare next year’s results.

5th grade Outdoor Science School at Camp Campbell: We send our 5th graders off to camp on the last week of school, where they will meet students from our district’s other elementary schools, Del Mar and Live Oak. Attention current 4th grade students and families: Next year’s science camp trip will happen in February. The approximate cost for each student is $300. The school has a very limited number of partial scholarships, so it’s important to start saving now. We will send detailed information home in the fall, including fundraising plans.

Interdistrict Transfers: Families that have students attending Green Acres on an Interdistrict Transfer need to reapply each year. If you haven’t reapplied, please do so right away. Thanks!

TK and Kindergarten Registration: If you have a child who is 5 or turning 5 years old, please call the office for registration information.

It has been a wonderful year! The best part about the year has been seeing the growth students have made in their learning, academically and socially. Please keep the momentum going, by encouraging your child to read this summer and explore their interests. Have a fun-filled summer, and we will see you back here in August!

Every Day Counts! Miss School, Miss Out! 

about 1 month ago

Please remember to call in your child's absence every day they are out.  You can call our 24-hr message line at (831) 475-0111 ext 300.

School Hours

about 1 month ago

Monday - Thursday

TK & Kindergarten

8:00am - 1:30pm

1st - 3rd Grades

8:00am - 2:00pm

4th & 5th Grades

8:00am - 2:15pm

Fridays ALL Grades

Dismissal at 12:40pm


7:30 - 3:30 pm

1. Be Safe
2. Be Respectful
3. Be Responsible
4. Do your personal best!
Did you know that one of the most important strategies of a safe, strong school is knowing the school rules? Teachers give lessons on how these rules apply in the classroom, the library, the playground, the cafeteria, the garden, and while moving from one area to another. Our goal is to make sure we have taught students the positive behaviors we expect them to use.

Ask your child if they can tell you the Green Acres Rules, and if they can give you an example of following the rules at school. A great way to extend their thinking would be to create examples of what it would mean to follow the rules at home. What do you do to be safe at home? Respectful? Responsible? Let us know some of the ideas you come up with!