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Message from the Principal

3 months ago

Principal Substitute: While I am currently out for a medical issue, you may see some familiar faces on campus. Lisa Dilles and Ruth Smith are filling in for me. Both women are retired administrators and worked for Live Oak School District, and are doing a great job of running the school in my absence!

Green Acres Gazette - November 2018

As we head into November, we are finishing our first trimester of the school year, and preparing for parent-teacher conferences on November 19th & 20th. These are non-student days, so that you can meet with your child’s teacher to discuss your child’s progress in school, as well as their attendance. Keep in mind the importance of school attendance for student success. Studies show that students who miss more school than their peers consistently score lower on standardized tests, a result that holds true at every age, in every demographic group, and in every state and city tested.

Mark your calendars: Spanish Literacy Night is Thursday, 11/8, from 6:00-7:30. Poga’s Family Learning Night and Book Fair is Thursday, 11/29, from 5:30-7:00, with the Book Fair remaining open until 7:30. A light dinner will be served at both events. See upcoming flyers for details.

Lost and Found: With the cold mornings and warm afternoons we have this time of year, please be sure to label your child’s jackets and sweaters. Many students take them off during recess as the day warms up. If you are missing items, please visit our Lost and Found located in the cafeteria - it’s filling up!

Drive For Schools Fundraising: This year’s fundraiser was our best ever; we surpassed our goal!!! Green Acres raised $11,080! A huge thanks to Aaron Lieben for the spreadsheet, tabling organization, Go-Karts, and more! Another enormous thank you to Ben Kennedy, Amber Frederick, and Adriana Cruz for counting and keeping track as we went, and to all of the families who helped out selling the tickets and supporting our school! We will use the money raised to support our science garden, hands on science activities, outdoor school, and other school needs.

Fall Festival: This year’s annual Fall Festival was a great success thanks to our Home and School Club and the many volunteers who shared their time and talents to make it a wonderful community event! A special thanks goes out to Hope Velasquez, Kiana Northrup, and Vanessa Weber for taking the lead to organize it. A special thanks to our ELAC group, headed by Gaby Garcia, Jessika Ruiz, Jade Zerpa, and Theresa Gilbert for sponsoring Lotería (a Spanish bingo game), elote (Mexican style corn), and sugar skull decorating in honor of Día de los Muertos.

Assemblies: Our Home and School Club provided us with two assemblies this month. The Banana Slug String Band came and performed science themed music focused on caring for our environment. The Power of One, a bullying prevention assembly, focused on the role and responsibilities of bystanders to become "upstanders".

Halloween Parade: On Halloween, our school was filled with goblins, witches, dinosaurs, and all sorts of dazzling creative costumes! Sheila Gamban, our “Super Librarian,” led the festivities as the MC, and the entire staff revealed their true identities as SUPERHEROES! They truly do heroic work everyday, and go the extra mile to make Halloween a fun day for all.

Thank you for partnering with us in your child’s education!

1. Be Safe
2. Be Respectful
3. Be Responsible
4. Do your personal best!
Did you know that one of the most important strategies of a safe, strong school is knowing the school rules? Teachers give lessons on how these rules apply in the classroom, the library, the playground, the cafeteria, the garden, and while moving from one area to another. Our goal is to make sure we have taught students the positive behaviors we expect them to use.

Ask your child if they can tell you the Green Acres Rules, and if they can give you an example of following the rules at school. A great way to extend their thinking would be to create examples of what it would mean to follow the rules at home. What do you do to be safe at home? Respectful? Responsible? Let us know some of the ideas you come up with!

School Hours

5 months ago

Monday - Thursday

TK & Kindergarten

8:00am - 1:30pm

1st - 3rd Grades

8:00am - 2:00pm

4th & 5th Grades

8:00am - 2:15pm

Fridays ALL Grades

Dismissal at 12:40pm


7:30 - 3:30 pm

Every Day Counts! Miss School, Miss Out! 

5 months ago

Please remember to call in your child's absence every day they are out.  You can call our 24-hr message line at (831) 475-0111 ext 300.