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Does your child own a smartphone, tablet or gaming device? According to, with the explosion of internet technology, kids 9 and younger are on their devices over 3 hours/day.  3 out of 5 parents worry about exposure or access to inappropriate content and 40% of parents worry strangers might contact their children online. Surprisingly, many parents have not set up controls to monitor digital safety, screen time and good digital citizenship practices for their child/ren.

Parental Controls allow you to...

  • Set time limits
  • Track screen time
  • Track your child’s location
  • Track your child’s internet search history
  • Block websites
  • Filter Content
  • Manage access to WiFi

Follow the article links to learn how to put parental controls on all your children’s devices - Android devices, iOS phones & tablets, and gaming devices, as well as tips for Digital Citizenship in order to keep your children safe on the Internet:

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