Green Acres Elementary has a rich K-5 visual arts program with a focus on equity and inclusion. All students foster their imaginations while developing their skills as creative artists and critical observers. 

Green Acres’ visual arts program emphasizes:

  • Creative expression
  • Appreciation of the cultural and historical foundation of art
  • Understanding of the language of art
  • Development of technical skills

Though specific projects may vary from year to year, lessons focus on drawing and painting with an introduction to ceramics and basic three-dimensional concepts. Students develop basic technical skills, as well as learn elements of art such as line, shape, value, form, and color. Lessons are often inspired by a master artist or a cultural/historical context that encourages students to explore topics from other perspectives. Students are expected to reflect on their own art and process, and student learning and values are visible in group creative projects that can be found on Green Acres’ beautiful campus.