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Green Acres Elementary School has been recognized by the state of California as a Gold Ribbon Award School based on our literacy program. At Green Acres, we believe in the importance of educating the whole child and hope to ignite a passion for learning by incorporating art, music, physical education, digital skills, and our Life Lab Garden into the curriculum.
Reading is a priority in our school. Our Response to Intervention (RTI) Program provides time each day dedicated for reading instruction geared to meet the individual needs of students. An important goal for our students is that they learn to communicate their thinking orally and in writing, and to be able to apply their learning to novel situations.
Green Acres is home to a committed staff that works together and models the collaborative spirit we wish to inspire in our students. We hope to foster a growth mindset in our community, so that challenges can be routinely viewed as opportunities for learning. We want our students to learn that perseverance pays off in meeting personal goals, along with our rigorous academic standards.
Our staff is committed to the safety and well-being of all students. We use Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) at our school, which includes school-wide rules and common expectations for all students. We have a counselor on staff who organizes social skills groups throughout the year. Our child nutrition program is second to none, with fresh food prepared daily in our district. We have a recess coach who organizes group activities during recess.
Along with great programs and a wonderful facility, it is the students, families and staff that make this school a gem in the heart of Santa Cruz County!

Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower, inspire and ensure equitable opportunities for every student to thrive. We teach and nurture the whole child in an academically rigorous, collaborative and innovative learning environment.

Recent News

Students perform a dance.

Green Acres Variety Show

Green Acres students entertained us with performances in dance, music, comedy, kickboxing, and more on the last week of school.
Picture of Ms. Taylor

Principal's Message

Greetings Green Acres Families!

Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year!  School starts Wednesday, August 21!  

Allow me to introduce myself. I am the new and proud principal of Green Acres Elementary School.  In my 25 years of experience as an educator from the Los Angeles/Long Beach area, I have served in multiple capacities as a teacher, English Language Learner Specialist, Reading Specialist, and Administrator. I obtained a Bachelor’s degree from UCLA and a Master’s Degree from Pepperdine University. My personal mission is to provide each student with an education program that is rigorous, inclusive, and inspirational so that they are confident, knowledgeable, and prepared to thrive in the 21st century.   

I am thrilled to be your new principal and excited to share with you that I have inherited a top-notch team here at Green Acres. We have a very dedicated teaching staff that has been busy organizing stimulating room environments for the children. Our custodial staff has worked hard to rejuvenate our campus over the summer, please thank Mr. Mike and Mr. Humberto when you see them.  Our curriculum coaches have mapped out each grade level’s content and have scheduled professional development days to maintain a high caliber curriculum and our sharpness in content delivery. Our support staff has also been involved in the details to ensure each child knows they are an essential and valued member of our learning community.

I have had the pleasure of meeting a few of the parents in the Home School Club and am impressed with the support they provide for our students. So many programs and events are in place because of the dedicated efforts of these community supporters and volunteers. I welcome and invite each of you to join us in continuing the traditions and drive for excellence by getting involved. 

We have so much to offer our students this year! For example:
*     A continued focus on Next Generation Science Standards via our continuing Life Lab Garden       
            Program and Science Discovery Projects with our adopted Foss Kits
*     Math instruction that is rigorous, engaging, collaborative, and related to real-world problems. 
*     A continued focus on language arts development via reading and writing workshops that 
            provide individualized attention and opportunities for independent and collaborative work.
*      New this year is the addition to our existing art program for 4th and 5th graders that will now 
             include TK-3rd!  
*      Also, we have a Mindfulness Coach that will teach students how to regulate their attention, emotions, and                      behaviors. This knowledge will help them perform better in school, develop resilience to counteract any                      adverse effects of stress and anxiety.

Please check out our website regularly for events and updates. We want everyone in our community to understand that we are a collaborative and responsive group of educators. We welcome a parent-school partnership and look forward to combining our forces to make 2019-2020 an EPIC year! By the way, I am bilingual-Spanish, so please join me for “Cafecitos with Ms. Taylor” on Friday, August 30th 8:15-9:15 am in our school library. See you soon!

In Service,
Rebecca Taylor
Important Dates and Times:
Monday, August 12, 2019                      8:00 am -3:00pm - Office opens to the public (M-F)
Tuesday, August 20, 2019                     5:00 pm - 6:00pm - Class Lists Posted on the Lawn 
                                                                                              Bring a picnic and stay for popcorn!
Wednesday, August 21, 2019                First Day of School 
                 TK and Kinder students, along with a parent, will attend for 45 minutes at their scheduled appointment                       time.  Parents, please refer to your assigned time block sent home by U.S. Mail.
1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade                8:00am -2:00pm 
4th and 5th grade                          8:00 - 2:15 pm 
Thursday, August 21, 2019            1st - 5th Same schedule as Wednesday/ Kinder 8:00 - 12:30
Friday, August 21, 2019                 Restructured Days are EVERY Friday
                                                       TK-5th 8:00 - 12:40 pm 
¡Saludos Familias de Green Acres!
¡Bienvenidos al año escolar 2019-2020! ¡Las clases comienzan el miércoles 21 de agosto!

Permítame presentarme. Soy la nueva y orgullosa directora de la Escuela Primaria Green Acres. En mis 25 años de experiencia como educadora de Los Ángeles/Long Beach, he servido en múltiples capacidades como maestra, especialista en el aprendizaje del idioma inglés, especialista en lectura y administradora. Obtuve una licenciatura un UCLA y una maestría en la Universidad de Pepperdine. Mi misión personal es proporcionar a cada estudiante un programa educativo que sea riguroso, inclusivo e inspirador para que tengan confianza, conocimiento y preparación para prosperar en el siglo XXI.

Estoy encantada de ser su nueva directora y me complace compartir con ustedes que heredé un equipo de primer nivel aquí en Green Acres. Tenemos un personal muy dedicados y han estado muy ocupados organizando ambientes estimulantes para los niños. Nuestro personal de limpieza ha trabajado arduamente para rejuvenecer nuestro escuela durante el verano, por favor agradezca al Sr. Mike y al Sr. Humberto cuando los vea. Nuestros entrenadores de planes de estudio han planeado el contenido de cada nivel de grado y han programado días de desarrollo profesional para mantener un plan de estudios de alto calibre y mantener nuestra agudeza en la entrega de contenido. Nuestro personal de apoyo también ha participado en los detalles para garantizar que cada niño sepa que es un miembro esencial y valioso de nuestra comunidad de aprendizaje.

He tenido el placer de conocer a algunos de los padres en el Home School Club y estoy impresionada con el apoyo que brindan a nuestros estudiantes. Muchos programas y eventos están en su lugar debido a los esfuerzos dedicados de estos partidarios y voluntarios de la comunidad. Doy la bienvenida e invito a cada uno de ustedes a unirse a nosotros para continuar con las tradiciones y  expectativas de excelencia.

¡Tenemos mucho que ofrecer a nuestros estudiantes este año! Por ejemplo:
*      Un enfoque continuo en los Estándares de Ciencias de la Próxima Generación a través de nuestro Life Lab                    Garden y  proyectos de descubrimiento de ciencias con el programa “Foss”
*      Instrucción en matemática rigurosa, interesante, colaborativa y relacionada con problemas del mundo real.
*      Un enfoque continuo en el desarrollo de las artes del lenguaje a través de talleres de lectura y escritura con                  atención individualizada y  con oportunidades de trabajar independiente y por colaborativo.
*      Nuevo este año es la adición a nuestro programa de arte que existe para estudiantes de 4to y 5to grado que                  ahora incluye a grados de TK-3. 
*      Además, tenemos una entrenadora de (“Mindfulness” ) “La Conciencia Plena” que enseñará a los estudiantes               cómo regular su atención, emociones y comportamientos. Este conocimiento les ayudará a desempeñarse               mejor en la escuela, desarrollar resistencia para combatir los efectos adversos del estrés y la ansiedad.

Visite nuestro sitio web regularmente para ver eventos y actualizaciones. Queremos que todos en nuestra comunidad entiendan que somos un grupo de educadores colaborativos y receptivos. ¡Damos la bienvenida a una asociación de padres-escuela y esperamos combinar nuestras fuerzas para hacer el año 2019-2020 un año ÉPICO! Por cierto, soy bilingüe-español, así que por favor ven a “Cafecitos con Ms. Taylor” el viernes 30 de agosto a las  8:15 a 9:15 am en nuestra biblioteca escolar. ¡Los veo pronto!

En Servicio,
Rebecca Dominguez Taylor

Fechas y horarios importantes:
Lunes,  12 de agosto de 2019                           8:00 am -3: 00pm - Oficina abierta al público (L-V)
Martes, 20 de agosto de 2019                           5:00 pm - 6:00 pm - Listas de clase publicadas en 
                                                                           el césped.  ¡Trae un picnic y quédate por las palomitas de maíz!
Miércoles 21 de agosto de 2019                        Primer Día de Clases
        TK / K Los estudiantes de TK y Kinder, junto con un padre, 
         asistirán durante 45 minutos en una hora programada.  Padres, consulte el bloque de tiempo asignado para              su cita que fue enviado a casa por correo.
1er, 2do y 3er grado                              8:00 am - 2:00 pm
4to y 5to grado                                      8:00 am - 2:15 pm
Jueves, 21 de agosto de 2019                Mismo horario que el miércoles/ Kinder 8:00-12:30
Viernes, 21 de agosto de 2019               Los días reestructurados CADA viernes serán:
                                                                TK- K- 1er-5to 8:00 - 12:40 pm
  • 100% Graduation Rate
  • 100% Graduation Rate
  • 100% Graduation Rate
  • 100% Graduation Rate
  • 100% Graduation Rate